• Transmission and distribution of
    electric power to own an electric distribution network
    on the territory of Mangystau region
  • 2014 year for transmission and distribution of electric energy amounted to 2945 million.kWh
    The main purpose of the society is to improve the reliability and efficiency of energy supply in the region, as well as the increase of investment attractiveness and increase the value of the company
  • 6170.155 km of overhead transmission lines
    the main purpose of the society is to improve the reliability and efficiency of energy supply in the region, as well as the increase of investment attractiveness and increase the value of the company
  • Transmission and distribution of
    electric power to own an electric distribution network
    on the territory of Mangystau region

In 1962, with the creation of the Ministry of Energy of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic began combining power and individual power units in large power systems, which have been virtually completed by early 1971. Since then has been a rapid growth in the energy base of the republic, which was the determining factor in the transition to the industrial control system.

In the future, with the rapid development of oil production in the Mangishlak in the 60s began to create his own power base.

For a long time the region's energy developed autonomously and only here the source of generating nuclear power Mangyshlaksky Energozavod (OEP) worked separately, with virtually interconnection with other stations.

It was only put into operation in 1988 tie-line voltage of 220 kV Aktau-Beineu-Tengiz allowed Mangyshlakskaya Atomic Energy Complex (MAEC) to run in parallel with the whole energy system of the country.

Mangyshlak enterprise of electric networks (MPES) was established in 1966 as part of the association "Kazakhstanneft."

03/19/1967, the company Mangyshlak electric networks (MPES) in the

"Mangyshlakneft" was passed in the RUEH "Gurevenergo."

Over the years the company the workforce is truly invaluable work done by the complete electrification of our area. Today, the area on the map there is not a single locality, which would not have been laid electrical network.

Za lifetime Mangyshlaksky enterprise power grids work has been done by the commissioning of new networks to improve operating reliability of the networks.

The first substation 110/35/6 "Uzen" was built and put into operation in 1965 (now the SS "City"), the second sub-station was put into operation, the v1966 pos.Zhetybay.

1. Particularly intensive development of energy gained during the early development of oil and gas on the Buzachi peninsula.

2. In this period, the service MPES are: air lines 220 kV - 132 km. 110 kV - 475 km, 35 kW - 186 km, 6 kV - 21 km. transformer substations of 35-110 kV - 17 units with an installed capacity of 298 tys.kVa.

3. For 1973, the volume of electricity sold to consumers amounted to 480 million kW / h, which is 38% more than in 1972.

Also in 1973 have been put into operation the following items:

110 kV overhead line Shevchenko Zhetybai - 72 km, 16,000 kVA transformers at substations number three. Introduced vysokochastochnoy communication channel Shevchenko Zhetybai, Zhetybai Uzen. A transmission line of 110 kV Shevchenko Yeralievo length - 57 km, the substation 110/bkV "Yeralievo" with two transformers of 10,000 kVA each.

In 1974, there was another increase in the length of overhead lines and 110 kV substations -0.4. Was commissioned 35/6kV substation with two transformers of 4000 kVA (poultry). At SS 110/35/6 number 14 "Zhetybai" installed transformer 40500 kVA. Adopted by the balance of two-transformer substation 110/35/6 with a total installed capacity of 62,600 kVA ("PTB" on st.Mangyshlak-12600 kVA, "Industrial Zone" PS number 11 - 50000 kva on the field "Uzen")

 In 1975 he was accepted into service 10 kV overhead lines stretching 49 km, VL-0, 4 kV - 14 km, as well as reflected in the balance in the electric industry pos.st.Zhetybay with 12 substations 6/0, 4 kV with an installed capacity of 2700 kVA.

In 1976-77 the balance of MPES was accepted electric industry NGDU "Zhetybayneft" with the SS 35 kV and 35 kV overhead line in full.

In dispatching service, there are two operational mobile teams serving the electrical network fields "Uzen" and "Zhetybai."

In 1978-79 commissioned an additional 110 kV overhead line PS-110/35/6 KV - 1, 110/bkV - 2 pcs, TP-6-35 / 0,4 kV - 11 units with a total installed capacity of 73,000 kVA.

Commissioned major substation URPS "Karajanbas" and "Kalamkas."

The modernization of the switches VM-35 with replacement parts and gain in order to reduce energy losses introduced automatic voltage regulators ARNT.

In the years 1980-81 - continues to increase input capacity were commissioned down substations 110/10kV "Tauchik", "Umirzak", "Akzhigit." At SS 110/35/6 "Kalamkas-1" was introduced to the work of the second transformer capacity of 10 tys.kVa ..

To improve the quality of service filled equipment introduced drying transformer oil using zeolite plant. To ensure the reliability of electrical networks replacement of MV-110 kW type HMH-110-110kW at the IMO production UXO.

Contractors commissioned objects PS-110/6kV "Umirzak" and 110 kV overhead line Shevchenko Karajanbas in the dimensions of 220 kW.

During these years, 6-10kV feeders in the enterprise equipped with devices AR, AVR.

Set up a central control room in the RPE and area control service in Uzenskom Buzachinsky and distribution zones.

During the year 1982-83 in the MPES was introduced a lot of new technology: automatic information-measuring system of accounting IISE-1-48 on the ZRP "Uzen" commissioned instrument panel SM-5, TR-4 Remote, EDTS-66 switch MIG-21. The SS "Kalamkas" installed equipment TM of the "bush"

In the period 1984-87 to continue the modernization of production and commissioning
operation of new networks. Constructed and taken to the balance of VL-220, a total of 110 kV
length of 140 km.

For the determination of damages on 220 kV L-U-1-Shevchenko Uzen LIFP devices are installed, activated emergency control ANCA-14, AVPA on Uzen-220kV substation and CHP-3.

Set-up remote signaling type TM-800 DM MPES and PS "Airport".

In 1988 he was commissioned a transit line 220kV overhead Aktau-Beineu-Tengiz, which will link Mangyshlaksky Atomic Power Plant with the unified energy system of the Western power unit.

In 1989-90 the SS "Karamandybas-1, 2" and "Plateau-1.2" is set totalizer metering ETC * 1M. Implemented and used in personal computers of PUVM-AT. Work on setting up complex telemechanical "Granite". The modernization of protection panels EPO-1077 to mark PDE-0301-220KV Naps "Uzen." Commissioned transformer T-1 63 tys.kVa PS "Beineu-220kV" reactors RODTs 500 kV.

In the years 1991-92, according to the plan for the introduction of advanced technology, equipment modernization, mechanization and automation of production processes, commissioned equipment, high-voltage connection ABC-1 on the SS "Beineu-220kV", "Beineu-110kW" emergency control WB-2701 , 03 to the power station-3.

The SS "Beineu-220kV" introduced automatic power control system CT-5000. Telemechanical completed commissioning of the complex "Granite". All UNK implemented RES-1 (a multimeter set).

The SS "Beineu-220 kV" was introduced to the work of the second transformer 63 tys.kVa reactors RODTs 500 kV, built a training field of the enterprise.

In 1991, the decision of the board of the Ministry of Energy of the Kazakh SSR on a training field held "National Review Competition electricians distribution networks", where the brigade Zhetybai RES MPES won first prize.

Order of the Ministry of Energy of the Kazakh SSR occupied first place master Zhetybai RES Bekturova A., and Deputy Director of the MPES Yklasovu T. - for good organization of the competition were awarded to passenger cars of "Lada".

1993-94 - commissioned the following capacities:

Of 35 kV and above - 1 x 25 tys.kVa.

10 kV overhead lines - 30 km

VL-0, 4 kV - 17 km


objects: 110 kV overhead line and substation "Tub-Karagan", 25 km overhead BKV from PS "recreation", 10 kV overhead lines and 0.4 kV for power supply to the wintering-over "Kara Kum".

For the period 1995-96 commissioned closed transformer substations - 6 pcs, 9.15 km from the heating unit to MPES, service apartment building in PS-35/10 KV "Tuschekuduk" overhead BKV for farms Eralievskogo district, an 8- km, two ZTP in pos.Kyzyl-Tube, PS "Schair" -35/10kV - built in remote mountain areas.

Mounted 2 pieces TDC -220 kV Substation number 9 "Uzen" to increase the reliability of the auto-transformers 250,000 kVA.

In connection with the development and establishment of market relations in 1995 MPES made a partial reorganization of production management. Introduced in the state unit of the Deputy Director for Economy and Commerce coordination of accounting, planning and economic department, sales department of energy to improve the planning of economic and financial indicators of the company.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan № 23 of 03.04.95r MPES transfer was carried out by "Atyrauenergo" in the MAEC.

20sentyabrya 1996 on the basis of a contract concluded by enterprises and the State Committee on State Property Management of the Republic of Kazakhstan number W-1M-96 Mangistau PES was transformed into a joint-stock company "Mangistau Electricity Distribution Network Company".

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