In 1962, with the creation of the Ministry of Energy of the Kazakh SSR, the merging of power plants and individual energy centers into large energy systems began, which were almost completed by the beginning of 1971. Since that time, the rapid growth of the energy base of the republic began, the determining factor of which was the transition to the sectoral management system.

Subsequently, with the rapid development of oil production in Mangyshlak in the 60s, its own energy base began to be created.

For a long time, the region’s power industry developed autonomously and the only source of generating power here was the Mangyshlak Nuclear Power Plant, which worked in isolation, having practically no interconnection with other stations.

And only commissioning in 1988 of the 220 kV Aktau-Beyneu-Tengiz inter-system power line allowed the Mangyshlak Nuclear Power Plant  to work in parallel with the entire power system of the republic.

Mangyshlak power networks Enterprise was founded in 1966 as part of Kazakhstanneft.

In 19.03.1967 Mangyshlak power networks Enterprise  as part of the Industrial Association "Mangyshlakneft" was transferred to the structure of the regional management of the energy economy "Gurevenergo".

Over the years of the enterprise’s existence, the work collective has done a truly invaluable work on the continuous electrification of our region. Today on the map of the region there is practically no settlement where the electrical networks would not be laid.

During the existence of the Mangyshlak Electric Networks Enterprise, a great deal of work was done on the commissioning of new networks, on increasing the level of operation and reliability of networks.

The first 110/35/6kV Uzen substation was built and commissioned in 1965 (now it is Gorodskaya substation), the second substation was commissioned in 1966 in the settlement of Zhetybay.

1. The energy sector received particularly intensive development during the period when oil and gas deposits began to be developed on the Buzachi peninsula.

2. During this period, the Mangyshlak Electrical Networking Enterprise maintains: 220 kV overhead lines - 132 km. 110kV - 475 km, 35 kV - 186 km, 6 kV - 21 km. 35-110 kV transformer substations - 17 pieces with an installed capacity of 298 thousand kVA.

3. For 1973, the volume of electricity sold to consumers amounted to 480 million kW / h, which is 38% more than in 1972.  

In the same 1973, the following facilities were commissioned:

110kV Shevchenko-Zhetybay overhead power line - 72 km, 16000 kVA transformers at Substation # 3. The channel of high-frequency communication Shevchenko-Zhetybai, Zhetybai-Uzen was introduced. Power line 110 kV Shevchenko-Eralievo with a length of 57 km, substation 110 / bkV “Eralievo” with two transformers of 10,000 kVA each.

In 1974, there was another increase in the length of 110 -0.4 kV overhead lines and substations. A 35 / 6kV substation with two 4000 kVA transformers (poultry factory) was commissioned. A transformer of 40,500 kVA is installed at substation 110/35 / 6kV No. 14 "Zhetybai". Two-transformer substations 110/35 / 6kV with a total installed capacity of 62,600 kVA (“PTB” at Mangyshlak-12600 kVA station, “Promzona” substation No. 11 - 50,000 kVA at the Uzen field)

In 1975, 10 kV overhead lines with a length of 49 km, 0.4 kV overhead lines - 14 km were taken into operation, as well as the energy management in the settlement of Zhetybai with 12 6 / 0.4 kV substations with an installed capacity of 2700 kVA.

In 1976-77, Mangyshlak Electric Networking Enterprise adopted the energy management of the Zhetybaineft oil and gas production department with a 35kV substation and a 35kV overhead power line in full.

In the operational dispatching service there are two operatively mobile teams serving the electrical networks of the Uzen and Zhetybay fields.

In 1978-79, an additional 110kV overhead power line was commissioned, 110/35 / 6kV substation - 1 pc, 110 / bkV - 2 pcs., Transformer substation -6-35 / 0.4kV - 11 pcs. With a total installed capacity 73,000 kVA.

Large substations of the Karazhanbas and Kalamkas distribution stations were commissioned.

The 35kV circuit breakers were upgraded with replacement of amplification parts and automatic voltage regulators ARNT were introduced to reduce power losses.

In 1980-81 years - the growth of commissioning continues, the 110/10 kV “Tauchik”, “Umirzak”, “Akzhigit” low-power substations 110/10 kV were put into operation. At the 110/35 / 6kV Kalamkas-1 substation, a second transformer with a capacity of 10,000 kVA was commissioned.

To improve the quality of service for oil-filled equipment, transformer oil drying was introduced using a zeolite plant. Replacing the oil switch-110 kV of the type 110 kV oil pot switch for low-volume oil switches-110 produced by the People's Republic of Bulgaria.

Contracting organizations commissioned 110/6 kV Umirzak facilities and 110kV Shevchenko-Karazhanbas overhead power line in 220 kV dimensions.

During these years, 6-10kV feeders throughout the enterprise are equipped with automatic reclosing devices, automatic transfer of reserves

Created a central control room in the enterprise of electrical networks and district dispatch services in Uzensky and Buzachinsky District electric networks

In the period of 1982-83, a lot of new equipment was introduced at  Mangyshlak enterprise of electrical networks: an automatic information-measuring accounting system: information-measuring systems -1-48 at the Uzen central-access point, the SD-5 control panel, PDD-4, EDTS-66 panel, the switchboard were put into operation MIG-21. TM “Kalamkas” installed equipment TM type “KUSTA”

In the period of 1984-87, the modernization of production and the commissioning of new networks continued. VL-220.110kV with a total length of 140 km were built and put into operation.

To determine the location of damage to the Shevchenko-Uzen overhead transmission line-220 kV, linear pulse fixation devices were installed, anti-emergency automatic equipment of low-frequency channels of automatic equipment-14, equipment of high-frequency channels of anti-emergency automatic equipment at substation Uzen-220 kV, and thermal electric station-3 were used .

A tele-alarm device of the type TM-800 was installed at the Mangyshlak enterprise of electrical networks and the substation “Airport”.

In 1988, a transit line for a 220 kV Aktau-Beyneu-Tengiz overhead power line was commissioned, which made it possible to connect Mangyshlak nuclear power plant with a single energy system of the Western energy center of the Republic.

In 1989-90, the ETS*1M electricity metering device was installed at the Karamandybas-1.2 and Plato-1.2 substations. The personal electronic computer of the PUVM-AT type has been introduced and is being operated. Work is underway on setting up the Granite telemechanical complex. The EPO-1077 protection panel was upgraded to the PDE-0301 brand at the Uzen 220kV substation. The transformer T-1 63 thousand kVA of the substation Beineu-220kV with reactors of the RODTC-500 kV  was commissioned.

In 1991-92, according to the plan for the introduction of advanced technology, equipment upgrades, mechanization and automation of production processes, equipment was commissioned, high-voltage communication ABC-1 at the substation Beineu-220kV, Beineu-110kV, emergency automation SHP-2701 , 03 at thermal power plants-3.

The automatic metering system CT-5000 was introduced at the Beineu-220kV substation. The adjustment of the Granit telemechanical complex has been completed. A universal measuring kit has been introduced in all district electric networks - 1

At the Beineu-220 kV substation, a second transformer, 63 thousand kVA, was commissioned with the Rodtz-500 kV reactors, and an enterprise training ground was built.

In 1991, the decision of the Collegium of the Ministry of Energy of the Kazakh SSR at the training ground held a "Republican review-competition of electricians of distribution networks", where the team of the Zhetybai District electrical network Mangyshlak electrical network company took the first prize.

By order of the Ministry of Energy of the Kazakh SSR for the occupied first place to Bekturov A., a master of Zhetybaysky Distribution Zone, and Mangyshlak electric network enterprise Yklasov T., Deputy Director - for the high organization of the competition-competition, Zhiguli cars were awarded.

1993-94 - the following capacities were put into operation:

Substation-35 kV and above - 1 x 25 thousand kVA.

10kV overhead power line - 30 km

0.4 kV overhead power line - 17 km


objects: 110kV overhead power line and Tub-Karagan substation, 25 km-6kV overhead line from the recreation center, 10kV and 0.4kV overhead line for power supply for the wintering of Karakumsky.

For the period of 1995-96, closed transformer substations were put into operation - 6 pieces, 9.15 km of the heating network from the site to Mangyshlak Electric Networking Enterprise, a service residential building at the 35/10 kV Substation Thusheduduk, 6 kV aerial power line for auxiliary farms Eraliyevsky district –– 8 km long, two closed transformer substation in Kyzyl-Tyube settlement, “Schair” -35 / 10kV substation - built in remote mountainous terrain.

Two pcs of -220 kV three-phase oil circuit breaker were installed at substation No. 9 “Uzen” to increase the reliability of 250000 kVA autotransformers.

In connection with the development and establishment of market relations in 1995, the Mangyshlak Electrical Networking Enterprise produced a partial reorganization of production management. A unit of deputy director for economics and commerce coordinating the activities of accounting, planning and economic department, energy sales department to improve the planning of economic and financial indicators of the enterprise was put into staff.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 23 dated April 3, 1995, the Mangyshlak Electric Networking Enterprise was transferred from Atyrauenergo to the Mangistau Nuclear Power Plant.

In September 20, 1996, on the basis of a contract concluded by the enterprise and the State Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan on state property management No. Ш-1М-96, the Mangyshlak enterprise of electrical networks was transformed into JSC "Mangistau power distribution company"

May, 2005 - JSC "MRPGC" was the first among the issuers of the non-financial sector of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) to register a bond program, which provides for the placement of bonds with the attraction of borrowed funds in the amount of 9.86 billion tenge until 2012.

In 2006 - 40 years from the date of formation

In 2008 - JSC "MRPGC" entered the holding of Samruk-Energy JSC

In 2008 - 2011 Overhaul of a 2-storey building in Aktau District electric networks with an extension of a single-storey building for central dispatching service, Bautino Distribution Center with 10 kV overhead power line from 110/10 kV Bautino substation, Administrative building of Shetpinsky Regional electric networks, 2x10 MVA transformer replacement 35 / 10kV substation Shetpe, Reconstruction of a 35/10 kV substation Tauchik, Kuybyshevo, Dunga from a 35 kV overhead power line Dunga-Tauchik-Kuybyshevo 220/110/35 kV substation Uz Uzlovaya Distribution Substation Ka rajanbas (translated into voltage 220kV). Full development. Introduction of ASCEA. Stage 1 Implementation of ASCEA. 2nd stage, Replacement of 2 power transformers Three-phase three-winding three-winding transformer-25000kVA on three-phase three-winding transformer-40000/110-U1 on substation Zhetybai, Replacement of 2 gas-insulated switches on substation Zhetybai, Replacement of switches VGBE-35kV substation East Uzen District Power Networks, Reconstruction of substation 110/35/6 kV Beineu, Reconstruction of substation 110/6-10 kV Umirzak, Replacement of cells Complete switchgear -6kV on substation 110/6kV Prombaza Buzachinskogo RES, Replacement of the complete switchgear of external installation-10kV on substation 35/10kV Akzhigit, Replacement of the complete switchgear of external installation-10kV on the Distribution point-10kV Shetpe.

In 2011-2014 - replacement of three-phase oil circuit breakers - 220 kV with gas-insulated circuit breakers at the Uzen 220 kV substation, construction of a shift camp at Kalamkas 110/35/6 kV substation Reconstruction of the Northern 110/35/6 kV substation with replacement of the complete outdoor switchgear -6 kV, Reconstruction of overhead power line 110 kV L-Sai-Utes-1.2 with installation of additional supports, "Replacement of separator-short-circuit breaker-110 kV for gas switches to the substation 110/6 kV Karamandybas", "Replacement of separator-short-circuit breaker-110 kV for gas switches to the substation 110/6 kV Thermal", Replacement of switchgear 1-st s.ш. 6 kV for Zhetybay substation", Modernization -6 kV for outdoor installation -6 kV for 35/6 kV substation Block pumping station-2, Modernization -6 kV for outdoor installation -6 kV for 35/6 kV substation Block pumping station-3, Upgrading a complete outdoor switchgear -6 kV to the 35/6 kV substation Block bush pumping station-5, Upgrading a complete outdoor switchgear -6 kV to the 35/6 kV substation Asar, Completion of works and commissioning of ASCEA top level system at the facilities of JSC "MRPGC", replacement of 110 kV short-circuit breaker with 110/6 kV KS-Uzen electric circuit breakers at the substation, replacement of 110 kV short-circuit breaker with 110 kV electric circuit breakers at the 110/6 kV Tenge electric circuit breaker at the substation, Modernization of the complete switchgear of the outdoor installation -6 kV to the substation 35/6 kV Block bush pumping station-4, construction of the air line of power transmission-6 kV from the substation 35/6 kV "Career" to the complete switchgear of the outdoor installation -6 kV Distribution point Zhetybai, a length of 2 km.

In 2012 – An integrated management system was developed and implemented in the Company

December, 2014 - The first observational audit of the integrated management system was successfully completed, following the results of which the validity of the issued certificates was extended.

In 2015 - Implementation of energy management in JSC "MRPGC"

In 2015 – a reconstruction of the 110/6 kV Akshukur substation with modernization of the 10kV switchgear, Replacing the separator — 110 kV short circuitor with gas-insulated switches at the 110/6 kV Karazhanbas-2 substation, Replacing the separator — 110 kV short circuitor with gas-insulated switches with 110/6 kV substation rectifier transformer switch, Replacing a 110 kV short-circuiting separator with SF6 circuit breakers at a 110/35/10 kV substation Fort, 35kV short-circuiting a separator using 35 G6 switches with a 35/6 kV substation Kariernaya.

Thus, the replacement of the splitter — a short circuit breaker with gas-insulated breakers at all -110/35 kV substations was completed, which will lead to an increase in the reliability of the power supply to the consumer

On 2015 - opening of the Regional Dispatch Center - The Regional Dispatch Center provides uninterrupted, guaranteed and reliable operation of the power system of the Mangystau region by:

- creation of conditions for the most effective planning and management of modes;

- increase of reliability and uninterrupted operation of systems of operational dispatch control;

- development of the technological complex JSC "MRPGC"

In 2016 - 50 years of perspective growth of JSC "MRPGC"